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Secure your assets

Pay to much monthly for your GPS service?

Let us connect YOUR gps device to OUR platform!

Only 3,- Euro ex per month!

We can handle at this time some devices from the following brands;

Quectel, Safelinq, Oysta, teltonika Learn more »

We like to think that you want to know were your assets are, not more...not less

We keep all data in our cloud, history, route, current possition.

is your brand not in our list? no wurry: we will implement your device. free of charge!!

Complete route's

The clever way to stay on top of rising prices!!

Why pay to much? Monthly prices for your current GPS provider can go through the roof!!
The current avialable prepaid simcards however can handle your data for less then 15 Euro per year..AND: Europe wide!

Your privatly owned GPS tracking system is welcome on this platform!!

Easy to deploy

We set up every Trackchat service ourselves so you have nothing to worry about. Everything works out of the box.

Excellent support

We invest in our customer services so that there is always someone to talk to.
No automated responses. direct line.

Fully managed service

Our experts take care of everything. Our fully managed service means exactly that - we do it all.

Just tell us what kind of device you have, we will inform you what to do in order to get this device on trackchat LBS Platform.

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Map, Satellite, and Streetview were availlable.

  1. Normal mapping with streetnames.
  2. Satellite mapping with streetnames.
  3. Streetview mapping with streetnames.
  4. On every street where streetview avaliable.

Revolutionise the way in which you schedule jobs and tasks to your employees. Viewing all assets in one place means you can respond quicker to your customers.

All data is stored securely on our cloud service. Route history reports are available at the click of a button, providing you with accurate details for compliance.

Easily see your vehicles on a live map. Dont waste time calling drivers for locations. Get more jobs done with better dispatch.

xml file available to connect and see your devices on Google earth even with 3D!.

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